A Super Simple Class Management Tool for Dance Studios

It does what you need and nothing more.

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Tired of paying for expensive, bloated, out-dated software?

Dakiki has all of the best features from your current class management software, but it’s uncluttered, looks beautiful and VERY easy to use. It also includes an awesome mobile communication app for your customers so you can 'wow' them with convenience.

Uncluttered means we trimmed all the features that most studios do not use within the other products on the market. It's everything you need, and nothing more. Streamlined. So you can spend less time on the computer and more time in the classroom!

A Super Simple Class Management Tool

All the basics are covered with Dakiki. A free tool to set up and manage classes; registrations, re-occurring payments, attendance, feedback, news, and key dates.

Mobile App for your Customers

Give your customers a ‘Wow!’ experience using the Dakiki mobile app. When you ‘wow’ a customer they tend to stick around while promoting your business to friends and family. It’s what we call a win-win for everyone.

For Teachers

  • Record attendance
  • Post news
  • Post helpful videos
  • Record combos
  • Send messages
  • Provide student feedback

For Families and Students

  • Report absences
  • Review student feedback
  • Stay up to date with class news
  • Never miss a key date or reminder
  • Receive messages and participate in class discussions.



Online Registration

Set up your rec. or private classes with an online registration portal. Also supports registration for competitive students.


Re-Occuring Payments

The system will add up all the registration, tuitions and misc fees into a customizable payment plan for your customers.


Messaging and Chat

Slick one-way communication that puts you in control of the conversation. Open up chat groups for one or more people.


News Feed

Show off all the cool things you do and keep parents informed.


Key Dates

Create a ‘key date’ such as a recital or competition and publish all the info and updates to the app.



We built this for speed. Teachers can quickly record attendance at the start of class and parents can submit notice if they will be late or absent ahead of the class.


Student Feedback

Whether it’s to compliment or correct, the feedback tool is a light way to pass a message along to ensure your students are performing at their best.

Class Content@2x

Class Content

Teachers can upload photos, videos for parents or for students to help them stay in the loop even if they miss a class.

We made it beautiful, just like you!

Design matters just as much as function. Does your current software look outdated? Maybe it's time to change to a system designed by artists along side software engineers. Dakiki is deliciously seasoned so things don’t get stale during those long work days. Work should be fun!


Watch things slide and pop as you interact with Dakiki.

Visual Common Sense

Our designers created ways to do things that doesn’t take much brain power to figure out.

The Latest and Greatest

You run a business in the modern world and the tools you use should be on the cutting edge.



We Will Get You Setup

$225 One-time fee
(provides data import, setup and training)
2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

The Dakiki app is a very useful tool for both dance teachers and studio owners as well as clients. It offers a streamlined approach to attendance, communication, and learning. The team at Dakiki are really great to deal with, always quick to respond and very professional."

Lynsey - Studio Owner

For the past few months, I have been working with the Dakiki mobile app and have had wonderful results. The parents and students love it and that's what really matters. They feel they get individual updates on news, on their classes, videos, and practices tips all in one location without having to read pages of newsletters for things that do not pertain to them. Everyone has a phone now and using the Dakiki and its app has made life simpler and, most of all efficient, for the dance teachers and me, the director. Thank you for creating a tool that has been long overdue!

Debbie Calicetto - Studio Owner

“I love all the options in the Attendance feature, and the way I can easily share information with one class, or all my classes. I’m excited to try the rest of what Dakiki has to offer!”

Nicole - Teacher


Reach out to us and our incredible support team here at Dakiki. Sign up today to hear what all the hype is about! Still not convinced? Keep checking back here as we introduce more awesome new features through 2022!

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