Dakiki.com connects you with the world of dance better than any website online. It's a great place for professionals to find work, and amateurs to find the resources they need to take the next step in their dance careers. If dance is just a hobby for you, then you will enjoy the quick tips, advice and personal stories found in the Dakiki Knowledge Centre.

For amateur dancers and hobbyists, the website will take care of you and/or your children's needs when getting started in dance. You can find information and register for over 300 dance competitions and conventions, and over 20 000 dance studios.

For professionals, you can create a special profile to showcase your talents and portfolio. We encourage any professional dancers, choreographers, judges, photographers and videographers to create a profile today! With over 300 events using Dakiki its the place you want to be. This is where the events go to find you for work.

Everyone gets access to their own profile with lots of social media fun. Share photos, comments and status'. Perform in competitions and check the results on your Dakiki profile, then share and brag with your friends.

Built into the website is a very cool rating system that awards you for using the website. The more you use it, the rewards you will get. Dance cards can be traded with other users, and used as real money when attending dance competitions and conventions.

The fun is just beginning! Sign-up today and dance your way to the top!
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